• "Confessions" Book Is #1 Bestseller
  • The American Alley
"Confessions" Book Is #1 Bestseller
The American Alley
"Confessions" Book Is #1 Bestseller

"Confessions of a Recovering Engineer" gives the future of transportation to regular citizens.
The American Alley

Housing, safety, economic success can be found in America's alleyways
This book will revolutionize the transportation discussion.

"Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town" launches September 2021
Report: Breaking out of the resource trap

Any community has what it takes to build wealth and prosperity, without natural resources.
Standing for reform: Strong Towns takes up federal lawsuit against Minnesota engineering board

Minnesota engineering licensing board retaliates with disciplinary action against national reformer
A way forward for resource-reliant communities

Preview: report guides towns, cities onward from extractive resource dependency.
Lockport Illinois hosts Strongest Town victory celebration

Strong Towns visits 2021 champion for congratulations, special message.
Local governments, not size of spending, key to success of American Jobs Plan

Week-long series on infrastructure bill concludes with guidance for local leaders to navigate grants, matches, incentives.
Lockport, Illinois named Strongest Town in North America

Strong Towns announces winner of sixth annual Strongest Town Contest
American Jobs Plan will make infrastructure crisis worse

National nonprofit for resilient cities launches week-long series on $2 trillion infrastructure plan

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